When you click on Orders in left menu, you will land in Orders list.
Here you will find listed all your orders. Click on edit icon button to see the order details.
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View order
You can at any time to see any submitted order. Choose the order you want to see in order list and click the blue edit icon button.
The View order window will open. You can change the order status or download or print the order pdf.
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Order history (FRONTEND - user login)
Each login customer will have the orders history into its account. The orders status will be updated accordingly by status set in admin (BACKEND).
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Change order status
Before changing the status, you need to confirm.
Click the green Change status button to confirm.
Click the blue Cancel button to quit.
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Email sample for status changed
The email received by customer when the status of his /her order is changed.
In this sample, the email contain the tracking no. for goods shipped too.
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Order canceled / refunded
If you change the status to canceled or refunded, you will be asked to confirm and be specific about how stock will be affected.
Change status and restock will have as affect restocking with all items from current order.
Change status will just change the order status.
Cancel will abandon the changes
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Notify user about current status
Message displayed after the email was sent.
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