Logo Design
High Roding logo was design for a personal homestead.

By way of background, the homestead in a country estate situate in Mittagong, which is the Southern Highlands NSW and backs onto Mt Gilbralter. The logo is used for Embroidery (shirts, caps, towels etc.), stationary products such as letterhead and also a sign for the font gate. The property is named High Roding and it appears to have been originally named after a village in Essex, England.
The logo concept is inspired by the Kookaburra as the main element of the logo, as the property tends to attract a lot of local Kookaburras. The proffered colouring is greens and browns (natural colouring). The style is emblem logo style with a complex mixture of pictorial elements (a Kookaburra into its natural medium) and type that are linked to the organization and its positioning.

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