Customer list with access levels showing
When you click on Customers in left side menu, you will be taken in Customer list page.
Here are listed all your customers with their relevant information to make it easy for you to identify a particular customer.
This list will display the Access levels selector with checkboxes for each access level.
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Customer list no access levels showing
Under Customers list you will find all your customers. Here are shown most relevant details of your customer to easy identify them.
If you have not created any custom access level, the Customers list will not display the Access level filter.
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Customer list with Military
In case you work with military users (customers), you will see the military users under the customers list. They will have a drop-down selector to filter the listing based on military and non-military users.
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Edit customer
View / edit customer window opens with Basic details, the editable area by shop administrator,
and the Reset user password, the second editable area in case the current user ask the admin to reset his / her password.
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Military details
The Military details appears in Customers list and View / edit customer only if you check Yes the Use military setting under
Shop configuration -> Setting & layout -> Global (system wide) area.
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Reseller details
Read only details. Details about reseller.
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Details on resellers page
All details that will be shown on the Resellers page and if you allow this reseller to be shown or not on that page. Page must be enabled, see shop configuration.
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Resellers page (FRONTEND)
Page must be enabled, map on this page must be enabled, see shop configuration.
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Reset password for user
You can reset any user password when they call you to tell they have a problem with login to your website. Now you can set the password they request, just few security constraints to conform. 
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